MS Rep. Bubba Carpenter Proud To Have Eradicated Abortion In The State, Save For The Coathanger Kind


Mississippi Rep. Lester "Bubba" Carpenter is so happy with the "progress" that ensued when Governor Phil Bryant passed a law to ensure that Mississippi abortion providing doctors have admitting privileges at hospitals (shortly after signing the bill into law, Bryant announced that the Democrats' "one mission in life is to abort children"). To Bubba, this is an example of a sneaky and effective way that states can get rid of legal abortion without having to overturn Roe v. Wade! NO ONE WILL EVEN NOTICE. And the ladies can still get abortions at home using hangers and things, it will be great. Speaking in Alcorn County last week, Carpenter told the supportive crowd, "[L]iterally, we stopped abortion in the state of Mississippi, legally, without having to-- Roe vs. Wade. So we've done that. I was proud of it. The governor signed it into law. And of course, there you have the other side. They're like, 'Well, the poor pitiful women that can't afford to go out of state are just going to start doing them at home with a coat hanger.' That's what we've heard over and over and over. But hey, you have to have moral values." BUT HEY!

A staffer of Rachel Maddow's went and found Carpenter to ask him to clarify these remarks further. He responded, regarding the coathanger bit:

That was what a lot of our critics on the House floor said during the debate. That was just some language that some of the African-Americans used.

BUT HEY, they can do whatever they want, are they even American citizens? Where is their birth certificates?

As Maddow's blog notes, there is only one abortion clinic left in Mississippi, and its workers commute from Alabama for safety reasons. The owner of the clinic says if her doctors aren't given admitting privileges by July 1, the date the law takes effect, she plans to sue to get the law blocked.

In the meantime, here is Carpenter revealing the secrets of legislative success to his rabid fans:

[Rachel Maddow]


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