Missouri Lawmaker Says Muslims Want To Abort Him, For Hating Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood in danger? We're on our way!

Laughing at ridiculous state legislators, for their ridiculous ideas, is all fun and games, until someone threatens to kill them dead. And then it's like, "Hey, don't do that. That's rude!"

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Missouri state Sen. Kurt Schaefer is trying to stop a graduate student at the U of MO from studying the effects of the state's war on ladies' ladywombs. Smarty-pants nerd girl Lindsay Ruhr reckons the state's 72-hour waiting period for abortions -- at the only clinic that remains open, thanks to all of Missouri's other stupid regulations on just what you can and cannot do with your own vag parts, missy -- might have had an impact of some sort on women trying to obtain a legal medical procedure.

Obviously, this is an outrage to the Republican chair of the senate's "Interim Committee on the Sanctity of Life," because because blah blah wah wah pro-lifey blobbity blob BABIES!!!

Now, because of Schaefer's courageous battle to stop a student from learnin' stuff, at the evil -- but also, cough cough, legal and even recently investigated and vindicated -- Planned Parenthood, his life is in danger. And it's probably The Muslims what done it:

Missouri state Sen. Kurt Schaefer, a Republican candidate for attorney general, suspects that a disparaging story in Middle East-based Al Jazeera may be tied to a death threat that has prompted him to temporarily close his office in the state Capitol. [...]

Schaefer then pointed to anti-Christian comments made by the caller who delivered the death threat in a telephone call last weekend to the general Senate phone line.

He called the call “a rant against Christians.”

Schaefer claimed the Al Jazeera America article contained "inflammatory stuff" about him, so we made like journalists and read it for ourselves. You can too. Do let us know if you can find the "inflammatory stuff," because hell if we can. Still, Al Jazeera (ZOMG, Arabic Muslim Islamic stuff!) plus "rant against Christians" plus Schaefer trying to stop a doctoral student from looking into whether the "pro-life" law is stopping women from having abortions, as intended. (You'd think "pro-life" legislators would be lining up to fap to the study's results, to confirm that yes, they sure done it, boy, and no one gets to kill their unborned babies no more, huzzah!)

One minor detail, though, about whether the alleged death threat is related to Schaefer's war on learnin' -- as opposed to any of the other wretched things he has no doubt supported during his time in office, and for which he says he has previously received death threats. Popular guy!

“I assume it’s related to the Planned Parenthood stuff,’’ Schaefer said, although noting that the caller did not mention the private organization.

Well then. The caller didn't say he wanted to kill Schaefer dead in the name of Planned Parenthood, but after Al Jazeera told all the radical English-reading-in-America Muslims about it, what else could you possibly conclude? Lord knows how those guys get when anyone threatens to impinge on women's rights! Clearly, Al Jazeera is inciting violence against him:

Schaefer called the Al Jazeera article about the student “irresponsible’’ and noted that he was not interviewed. However, the article states that the senator "did not respond to Al Jazeera's multiple interview requests."

If only Al Jazeera (!!!) had interviewed him instead of merely quoting him and his letter and his other statements ... the article would be exactly the same.

State authorities are investigating this terrorizing phone call, but Schaefer's going to keep his office closed until they catch the real killer, or he has a chance to change his drawers. Whichever.

Do we need to say, "Don't make threats against people, even if they are awful dick germs"? Fine. Don't make threats against people, even if they are awful dick germs. But you knew that. You start trying to kill people for your cause, and before you know it, you're gunning down doctors in churches and blowing up their offices, for "life." And nobody wants that.

[St. Louis Public Radio]


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