Misunderstood Gentleman James O'Keefe Sues Former 'Accomplice' for Raping His Computer

Former James O'Keefe "accomplice" Nadia Naffe -- no, notthat former accomplice, a different one -- has now come out with Part Two of her Erotic Suspense Thriller "The Night in the Barn," and James O'Keefe, as any defamed and belibeled Christian gentleman would do, he is a-suin'! What does Nadia say happened that night in the barn? That James O'Keefe was a whiny, petulant manchild whose dander went up at her sexual rejection of him, possibly roofied her beer, wouldn't leave the barn where she was to stay and then once she couldn't walk abandoned her in said barn, showed back up only when she insisted he get her to a train station or she'd call the police, called all their mutual friends and said she was a filthy whore, and (at a different time) totally secretly taped sexings between him (?) and a Mystery Lady named Emma. What does Young Master O'Keefe say happened?

She said/It said. Guess we'll never know. [NadiaNaffe.com]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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