Mitch McConnell Gonna Change The Senate By Doing Exact Same Stuff Again Some More


Now that the American electorate has fired Democrat Harry Reid from being the boss of the Senate -- that is how it works, right? -- new boss Mitch McConnell is going to change everything. No, really, it's true!

In January, when McConnell is crowned majority leader, his new lean mean do-nothing machine is going to do nothing in fresh bold ways you cannot even begin to imagine.

Unless of course you're imagining that it will be the exact same Republican agenda we've been hearing about since Democrats hijacked the government to pass slight Republican-inspired reforms to our crap health care system. In which case, yeah, you can imagine it pretty well, actually.

In an EXCLUSIVE!!! interview with Roll Call, McConnell explained how his Senate is going to be this whole new thing you've never seen before, complete with bipartisan rainbows and unicorns and trickle-down economics and tax cuts that save the middle class. Hahahahaha, yeah right, like trickle-down economics is even real. First step on the road to kumbaya-ing with Democrats?

“Number one: We certainly will have a vote on proceeding to a bill to repeal Obamacare. … It was a very large issue in the campaign,” McConnell said[.]

Oh. That. Again. For the whatevernth time. Again, only this time in the Senate. Because now that the House of Representatives is no longer beholden to the socialist agenda of the Democrat-controlled Senate, Republicans can finally carry out the will of the people, by repealing the health care reforms that Americans actually like, thanks, even if they don't like calling those reforms "Obamacare" because boy does he suck.

And also, one more slight detail almost not worth mentioning: repealing Obamacare is not the will of the people, according to the latest in an endless series of polls we mentioned when we told you how Obama would like to cure AIDS too, what a jerk.

At least McConnell, who spent most of his re-election campaign insisting that he could use Republican magic to repeal Obamacare while still allowing his constituents in Kentucky to keep all the benefits of Obamacare because they love it so much, acknowledged there is one minor snag in his plan.

McConnell said Republicans are reviewing how to go at the law through the budget reconciliation process — which would allow for passage of legislation through the House and Senate without needing Democratic votes — but said he wants fellow opponents of the law to be realistic.

“It is a statement to the obvious, however, that Obama — of Obamacare — is the president of the United States,” he said of the job with the veto power.

So instead of Republicans in the House wasting their time voting over and over and over and Jesus Christ AGAIN?!? over to repeal Obamacare, only to be super furious when the Senate refuses to pass the bill, the two chambers of Congress can now do it together -- and then get super mad at Obama when he refuses to sign the repeal bill into law.

Yup, sounds like a great new efficient way to run the Senate, Mitch. Good luck with that.

[Roll Call]


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