Mitch McConnell Is The New Pathetic Harry Reid! (Actually, It Is Still Harry Reid)

Mitch McConnell Is The New Pathetic Harry Reid! (Actually, It Is Still Harry Reid)

MAN does it suck to be in the Congressional minority leadership,especially when you're the Republicans and you've got enraged Bitters calling your office and screaming the latest pitchfork-mob chants from Limbaugh every waking second, for no reason. The RedState blog has its own way of endlessly prodding: stunts. Hyper-masculine, masturbatory war stunts with PHOTOSHOP logos. The most ongoing of these is the "Red State Strike Force," a juiced-up, earnest nickname for what is basically... an e-mail list. And here's the latest, where you mail Mitch McConnell some "balls," like "golf balls," because there is nothing secretly gay about a BADASS STUNT where you mail gross, old Mitch McConnell a pretend set of testicles.

Mission: Locate any items that could resemble a “pair” if you catch the drift--


--and ship them to Mitch McConnell with a your opinion about the apparent lack of will to take a serious stand on issues important to the movement.

These items could be golf balls, novelty items (think Spencers, eBay, Amazon for inspiration), or real items such as various “dried scrotum” products found in grocery stores (make sure we can actually ship this sort of thing first). RedState has a good set of balls for sale here.

Be creative, be blunt, but most importantly… be specific in your message as to why you’re helping out by sending these.

(We’ll gladly post an video, audio, or pictures you take of this)

We look forward to the videos of "dried scrotums" people post on RedState. Sort of. Not at all.

Mitch McConnell Needs Some Balls [DontGo/RedState]


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