Mitch McConnell Wants You To Tell Him What Issues Matter, As Long As They're Guns, Coal, 'Bortion, And Obamacare


You'd think that maybe Republicans might have learned something from what happened when Ted Cruzasked Facebook readers to say they hate Obamacare. Which is to say, he got trolled hard by people who love not dying in the streets. Today, Mitch McConnell's Facebook page is asking folks how they think he should wield a Republican majority in the Senate, assuming that comes to be. Yertle asks,

If I am privileged to lead a Republican Majority in the Senate in 2015 there are many crucial issues that we plan to address.

Comment below and tell me what issue is most important to you!

The options, according to the picture, are

A: Repealing Obamacare

B: Ending the War on Coal

C: Protecting Life

D: Defending the Second Amendment

Gosh, we wonder if any liberals might care to opine?

A few sample answers:

  • Seriously....THIS is your platform? Disgusting.... You do know what year it is right? I was denied health insurance for years because I was born with a preexisting condition...I am still denied civil rights today because I was born a lesbian... and apparently you want to take even more rights away from me because I was born a woman. I'll be sure to do all I can to get you and yours voted out of office on the next election.
  • Protecting life. By this I mean the lives that already exist. Help the poor, provide reproductive choices to women, take care of our veterans, make companies responsible for their pollution and provide great education to our children.
  • Elevating the poor, protecting the middle class, and remove your lips from the behinds of the wealthy and the corporations would be a good start. My prayer and hope is that you are NOT in the Senate next year in any capacity.
  • Let's see, which is more important? Making sure the working poor never get access to health care? Destroying the Appalachians and the watersheds that run off them, so more and more Americans suffer from asthma, CPOD and other respiratory ailments? Standing in the way of any and all measures to reduce the homicide rate?

    Here's one for you, genius: JOBS! ...

  • Your retirement is my top priority, as well as the defeat of a house and senate republican caucus whose utterly pointless government shutdown cost American citizens $27 billion because it played well to your ignorant base.
  • Senator how does repealing obamacare help the people of Kentucky? You must have missed the data on how many people in Kentucky signed up for coverage. Kentucky is better off with access to healthcare coverage and medical care.
  • Sure! Let's replace Obamacare with National Healthcare, and let health insurance companies compete with that. Lets "End the War on Coal" by making them play fairly, taking away all their government subsidies, and instead giving them to Solar and Wind startups! Lets "defend life" by sheltering and feeding all of our homeless, and helping to preserve said life by opening up pre-schools and colleges for free public education. And as for the second amendment, well, that one y'all can have.
  • None of the ones mentioned make much difference to regular common-folks. What would make a major difference is to eliminate Citizens United, and restrict campaign financing to the McCain-Feingold bill. Our nation is based in one person-one vote. Not one dollar-one vote.
  • Jobs. Jobs. Education. Jobs. And education. Maybe not in that order but it is a start .

It is pretty good trolling, so far as making a point goes, but we were a little disappointed not to see any calls to bring Firefly back to network teevee, to declare Molly Ivins's birthday a national holiday, or to guarantee all Americans have access to Truck Nutz. We bet you guys can help with those, and other important issues.


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