Mitt and McCain Hit The Trail Together

America's most believed ex-presidential candidate, Mittens "Mitt" Romney, is joining Maverick candidate John McCain on a fundraising tour through the "mountain west," starting today. They hate each after a brutal campaign where each lied and smeared the other to no end, although John McCain is, again, a Maverick, and Mittens wants to be his vice president.

McCain will "use" Mitt for fundraising events in Salt Lake City, where Mitt saved the Mormon Olympics, and Denver, home of the Democratic National Convention and the Broncos football team.

They're even going to ride together, on an airplane, from Salt Lake City to Denver! Upon request, McCain has designated an isolated cabin for Romney's masturbatorium, replete with four African hobbits who will be serving him Chicken Caesar Salad. Want Romney's Mormon money? Then these are the terms.

Mitt Romney to Fundraise With John McCain [ABC News]


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