Mitt Can't Go Home Again
Mitt Romney is giving up on his roots, the Swedes are embarrassed, and ".pizza" is available as a domain name! It's a trippy day all around, folks.

  • Mitt Romney is forsaking his home states Michigan, Massachusetts, and California, because he knows he can't win in them. He becomes the first ever presidential candidate to do so. Congrats, Mitt! [The Daily Beast]
  • The @sweden Twitter account, which is given to a new Swede every week to highlight the country's diversity, was recently taken over by a young woman who went on a rant against Jews. There was no way to foresee such a thing could happen. [Slate]
  • There are some new internet domain names available! Quick, pick up .[yourname] before someone turns it into, say, a dating website (like used to be). [NPR]
  • And finally, Michelle Obama has joined Pinterest! Unfortunately it's not about her super awesome style -- of course, the First Lady has more important things to pin up! But still...[Washington Post]

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