Mitt Romney: Anal Intruder

* Fred Thompson loves abortions almost as much as Rudy Giuliani. [Prowler]

* John Edwards and the haircut that keeps on giving. [Wizbang Politics]

* Brilliant political commentary by way of a nutcase with Windows MovieMaker. [IMAO]

* On President Shitforbrain's birthday, even the list of things he hasn't totally fucked up is debatable. [Passport]

* Al Gore is still has nightmares about Ralph Nader. [The Swamp]

* Hillary has bad luck with men. [Fresh Intelligence]

* Hey libtards, if Iraq is so goddamned violent then there wouldn't be this many refugees alive to make it out of the country. Ever think of that? [Iraq Slogger]

* We would like to let the model parent on the teevee know that Al Gore's "kid" is 24. [Hot Air]

* Joe Leiberman is going to spend the next six years taunting us from the Senate floor. [Think Progress]

* Thanks to idiots like us, Ron Paul has more cash to spend then poor old Walnuts! McCain. [Election Central]

* Mitt Romney, hotel pornographer. [Pandagon]


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