Mitt Romney Continues To Beg Shamelessly For Vice Presidency


There has been somespeculation and anti-speculation that John McCain will pick his vice president this week, and that it will be Mitt Romney because why not. The timing of McCain's announcement is particularly important, because it will be the only chance he has of getting decent press coverage ever. What if he announces it on the same day Obama breaks a fingernail or goes to the gym SEVEN times! The McCain campaign dreads something of this nature. Anyway, Mittens has sent out a fundraising plea to the 4-5 people remaining on his e-mail list on behalf of John McCain, so perhaps this means something! About the future!

Please be Mittens, please be Mittens... Mittens writes and says the most comical things!

This election will be a clear choice between a liberal Democrat and John McCain -- a Republican who is dedicated to upholding long-held conservative principles of limited government, a strong national defense and individual freedom.

Bolding his. Hey, Mittens -- how is this choice at all "clear" when McCain is a known "liberal Democrat" himself?


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