Mitt Romney Does England, Day 1: Meeting The Dandies


Never forgetThe trip of the century has begun! Mitt Romney is in Londontowne, visiting the enemy Empire against whom we literally revolted because of tea taxes. How many lobsterbacks has he killed yet? None; he got a graduate school deferment from fighting in the Revolutionary War. Let's check in our next, greatest Republican president, as he tries to prove to the world that he "knows stuff" about foreign policy by giving handsies in Covent Garden.

  • The gay babble about the US-UK "special relationship" was instantly checked off his list of conservative-y type things he's allowed to say in Europe: "US presidential candidate Mitt Romney said he recognised the "unique relationship" which exists between Britain and the United States as he met Labour leader Ed Miliband in Westminster today."
  • Sure, he's meeting with the head of the British Labour party, which supports Soviet communism, but at least they can josh about American baseball squads. Ed Milliband loves to watch the Red Sox knicket the wicket!

    The Labour leader said he was looking forward to discussions with Mr Romney on a range of issues, including the international economy, Syria and events in the eurozone, adding: "And also our shared commitment to the Boston Red Sox, the baseball team I believe you support."
  • Romney is movin' right up the chain of command today -- eat dust, Milliband! He'll meet with Tony Blair, a horrible warlord despised by his people, and David Cameron, a bumbly frumbly who is also despised by his people. No Queenage yet, however:

    (CBS/AP) LONDON - With the Olympics Games as a backdrop, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney met Thursday with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, beginning a day of meetings with Britain's most powerful people. The likely GOP nominee sought to send a message that he recognizes the close bonds between the U.S. and its top ally — and to project an image of leadership.

    "We have a very special relationship between the United States and Great Britain," Romney told NBC News in an interview in London on the first day of a weeklong overseas trip that will also take him to Israel and Poland. "It goes back to our very beginnings — cultural and historical."

    Romney's first official appearance during a campaign swing intended to highlight longtime U.S. alliances was with Blair. He was slated to meet later in the day with current Prime Minister David Cameron.

Here he is, off to see his dear friend John Bull. Do us proud, Mitt!

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