Mitt Romney Drives Around Detroit In Campaign Video, Says It's Awful

Execution worshipper Mitt Romney has astrange new campaign video that features Mittens driving around very depressing neighborhoods in Detroit, lost maybe? No, it is Mitt Romney's Tour of Ruined America, which is not Obama's fault, says Mitt (ALWAYS BLAME OBAMA, MITT), but Obama isn't fixing it, either. Blah blah, this explanation is taking too long. What will Mitt do to fix it? He will get to that later, he is busy feeling sorry for Michigan right now. This Obama character has done nothing to help Detroit, because the auto bailout does not count for adding 50,000 jobs, for being socialist. "He made things worse," Mittens says to some invisible person in the back seat of the car, and for a moment you forget whether he is talking about Obama or just talking in third person about his own campaign, by making this weird, sad video about how sad Detroit is. Watch it after the jump:

It's hard to tell what the message of this campaign video is. "Mitt Romney understands that Detroit sucks," which is a fundamental thing for any presidential candidate to understand. "Mitt Romney hires camera crews to shoot video of boarded up homes and empty lots," which is another thing we can think about from now on when we remember Mittens, in our dreams at night. [YouTube]


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