Mitt Romney Gets Busted For Pretend Policemen

Mitt's a private citizen these days -- as he's been for his entire life except for a single four-year term as governor of Massachusetts -- but he's also really rich and can afford his own private "secret service."

The problem with such pretend ear-piece-wearing goons driving around in pretend secret-service black sedans and SUVs, of course, is that they're delusional pretend cops. Romney aide Jay Garrity is now being investigated for the following crazy bullshit:

* Getting pissed off because a truck cut him off, and then calling the trucking company and claiming to be "Trooper Garrity with the Massachusetts State Police."

* Driving a pretend undercover police car loaded with stuff civilians can't have in their cars, including police lights under the grill, sirens, etc.

* Along with other unnamed Romney pretend cops also illegally detained New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich, who was simply following the campaign convoy in his own car, because he's covering the Romney campaign.

* Then they "ran his license plate" through some form of pretend database.

* "Some office staff, who all wear LXX pins, fashion themselves as U.S. Secret Service agents, referring to Romney in their earpieces and audio-equipped wrist pieces as '70' -- similar to the way the Secret Service agents identify President Bush as '43' because he is the 43rd president."

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