Mitt Romney: 'Good-bye My Friend Who Worshiped Same Jesus As Me'

Moonie Time! - WonketteWell, that didn't take long. Mitt has put out a statement, and it's remarkably similar to our speculative statement from the Masshole:

"An American who built and led a movement based on strong principles and strong faith has left us. He will be greatly missed, but the legacy of his important work will continue through his many ministries where he put his faith into action. Ann and I have had the honor to talk and meet with Reverend Falwell and get to know him as a man of deep personal faith and commitment to helping those around him. He will be forever remembered."
And this was what we figure he'll say at the debate tonight:
"As a faithful believer in the exact same Jesus that Jerry Falwell so faithfully served as a fellow Christian who believed in the same Jesus all Christians so faithfully believe in, I just want you to know I'm not actually a Scientologist Polygamist Space Monster Frenchman, and Reverend Falwell was, like me, a firm believer in Jesus and the ghost of Jesus, Amen fellow Christians. Y'all."
Hooray for high-speed-yet-semi-accurate comedy!

Reactions to Falwell's Death [NY Sun]
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