Mitt Romney Is NOT the 1% ... Mitt Romney Is the Top 0.0025%


Important update regarding gazillionaire antichrist job killer Mitt Romney: It is wrong and unfair to say Willard is the 1%. Well, it's not wrong, because of course Mitt Romney is part of the 1%. But it's more accurate to call him "part of the top 0.0025%," because that's where he is, as far as the moneys go.

Mittens' personal newsletter, the Wall Street Journal, explains:

Mitt Romney’s income last year of $21.7 million clearly makes him rich. But how rich? So rich, that he makes the one percenters look like the 99 percent.

.... Mitt Romney’s income of $21.7 million puts him well above the 1%. In fact, his income puts him in about the 99.9975% income bracket. Put another way, Mitt is in the top 0.0025%.

[Wall Street Journal]


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