Mitt Romney Owns Every Mansion On Earth


Dollar Bill RomneyEverybody knows that poor old John McCain owns so many wonderful luxury homes in Arizona and California and Communist France that he literally has no idea how many wonderful luxury homes he owns -- after all, that's Cindy's accounting firm's job, counting up the stuff! But a shocking new study reveals that likely McCain running mate Mitt Romney literally owns fifty-five houses.

According to a luxury-hating group called The Center For Public Integrity, Romney owns at least four palaces just for his own enjoyment:

  • His primary residence in Belmont, Massachusetts, worth $3,474,000.
  • A lake home in Wolfboro, New Hampshire, worth more than $10 million.
  • A ski lodge in Deer Valley in Park City, Utah.
  • A house the Romneys purchased in June of this year in La Jolla, California, worth $12 million.
  • But one of his many companies, Whitehall Real Estate Funds, owns another 51 chunks of real estate -- from fancy apartments in liberal New York to fancy castles in France and Thailand.

    Little House(s) and the Veepstakes: Part Two [Center for Public Integrity]


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