Mitt Romney Says Helping America's Tornado Victims Is 'Immoral'


Let's give a big hand (or two) to Mitt Romney, giant masshole.Tornadoes and floods and wildfires and droughts and other biblical plagues have been killing Americans and destroying their towns all year long, but constipated mannequin Mitt Romney wants to be seen as a real tough-guy Tea Party asshole these days. So he told a crowd that helping storm victims is "immoral" and that it also "makes no sense." Just let those stupid Midwestern people die already! If Mormon Jesus wanted Americans in the Heartland to be alive, he wouldn't have killed them with a constant parade of devastating megastorms!

Think Progress reports:

Embracing a radical anti-government ideology from the most extreme elements of the Tea Party, Romney said that the victims in Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Massachusetts, and other communities hit by tornadoes and flooding should not receive governmental assistance. He argued it is “simply immoral” for there to be deficit spending that could harm future generations

Mittens also argued that it's better to simply let Mormon Jesus kill off Christian America now, so that there will simply be no future generations at all. [Think Progress]


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