Mitt Romney Swears Those Abu Ghraib Prisoners 'Enjoyed It'

Mitt Romney is, of course, primarily known for being a Crisis Manager or something. We learned of Mitt's executive skills earlier this week when the Boston Globe described how he tortured the family dog by driving 12 hours with the hapless animal strapped to the roof of a station wagon. And when Romney's 17 terrified kids began watched the tortured Irish Setter's diarrhea stream down the car's windows, Dad simply pulled over at a gas station, savagely hosed down the shit-covered dog -- which was still locked in the cage on the roof -- and then merrily hopped back in the driver's seat and continued the 12-hour drive with the frightened, sick, soaking wet dog shivering in the violent highway wind.

Romney, who has no idea why humans would be upset by such behavior, met the outrage head-on yesterday by telling reporters that the dog had it coming.

"He scrambled up there every time we went on trips," Romney reportedly said on Thursday. "He got in it all by himself and enjoyed it."

Romney Accused of Mistreating Family Dog [Washington Post]

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