Mitt Romney Throws John McCain Under The Bus


[youtube expand=1]

Ha ha FIE ON YOU, JOHN McCAIN, for spurning the robot Mitt Romney in favor of Klingon Sarah Palin! The Mormon plutocrat could have helped McCain solve the financial crisis by selling the entire American economy to Bain Capital and then liquidating it, but noooo, McCain went with the nut instead. And now Mitt Romney is so mad that he cannot bring himself to say that John McCain has run a "dignified" campaign.

Here is the thing to like about Mitt Romney: he's a phony, but he's a transparent phony. He doesn't even pretend to be genuine. And when he weasels his way out of a question, he does it in a painfully obvious, painfully weaselly way. Americas will always regret not having the opportunity to vote against him in the general election.

Romney Refuses To Call McCain Campaign 'Dignified' [YouTube via Think Progress]


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