Mitt Romney Vows To Lead Worldwide Revolution

El Presidente Romney, circa 2010

Remember when Joe Biden had to quit the 1988 presidential race because it turned out he had been plagiarizing the leader of the British Labour Party in his speeches? (You probably don't, but stay with us.) It seems that Mitt Romney is also in a bit of hot water for ripping off the talking points of a noted leftist.

"Hugo Chávez has tried to steal an inspiring phrase -- Patria o muerte, venceremos," Romney said. "It does not belong to him. It belongs to a free Cuba."

As it turns out, the phrase, which means "Fatherland or death, we shall overcome," actually is the trademark sign-off of Fidel Castro. Oops. Which is something that most of his listeners, members of Miami's influential Cuban community, were quite aware of. Oops.

We at Wonkette would like to help Mitt out by offering some more options for sign-offs that he can use without fear of negative repercussions:

* "Romney ... out."

* "And that's the way it is ... in Mitt Romney's pants."


Please, add your suggestions in the comments.

Having warmed up his audience with his hilarious Castro impression, Romney went on to kill with his "Libertad, libertad, libertad!" bit ripped off of Scarface, which is something even we can't help him with.

Presidential candidate bungles speech in Miami [Miami Herald]


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