This is how he fixed the Olympics!He was our CEO business-smart Olympian. Also, everyone hated him. And now, GOP fading star Mitt Romney is smiling through his robot tears.

He looks about the same as always, although his eyes are sinking deeper into his android metal tan skull. He would've been an awesome president ... of the Scientologists in French Outer Space! Let's see if Mitt's many kids will live in the America he bought that one time!

10:33 PM -- "One thing is clear: This campaign's going on."

10:33 PM -- "I think some people thought it was all going to be done tonight." (Yes, those would be "people who pay attention to the news.")

10:34 PM -- True, California Republicans do love to lose, so he could do pretty well there.

10:34 PM -- Romney has won the states where he lived, but he hasn't won Mexico or France.

10:35 PM -- He is very concerned about the "kind of America [the kids] will inherit." True, only Mitt's five strapping sons will really inherit much, because they'll get whatever's left of Mitt's vast fortune after he blows most of it on a losing crusade to become the one who loses to whatever Democrat nominee.


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