Mitt Romney Won't Cancel Tacky Vegas Vow Renewal With Trump


Mitt Romney has announced that he will not be canceling his hot Las Vegas dinner date fundraiser with washed-up nut sack Donald Trump just because Donald Trump has been having birther "episodes" in the press -- this time that he "knows" Barack Obama was born in Kenya -- again. What is Romney supposed to do, go around discriminating against mentally ill people? That is not fair. He will just take their money, like any decent person.

Let us turn to Romney spokesnerd Eric Fehrnstrom for the official rationalization:

“Well, you know, not too long ago, Jay Carney, the spokesman for the White House made a statement which I think is correct, and that statement was that a candidate can’t be responsible for everything that their supporters say. And in this case, Mitt Romney has made it clear that the place of the president’s birth is not an issue for him. He accepts the fact that he was born in Hawaii. And we have many important challenges facing our country, and that’s what we’d rather talk about.”

One might say there is a small difference between having wacky supporters from whom a candidate can distance himself on the one hand and then on the other flying thousands of miles to show up at one of his tacky hotels and fill your pockets with money he gives you. But, eh, small difference.

Actually, the only thing we really wanted to say about this was that Barack Obama has George Clooney to fundraise for him and Mitt Romney has Donald Trump. Hahahahahahaha. [TPM]


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