Mitt Romney/Notorious Psychopath Dick Cheney 2012!


Mitt Romney is struggling desperately to shore up his lagging popularity with the far right-wing base of teabagger idiots who still harbor a delusional nostalgia for the shadow presidency years when Dick Cheney spent actual trillions of dollars driving up America's debt to wage torture and war across the entire planet, so Mittenstold an audience of these people (in Arizona, natch) who asked him about his potential veep choices that he'd be just tickled to restore Dick Cheney's undead corpse to the throne. 

The NY Daily News reports:

Romney made the declaration at a town hall meeting in Arizona when asked if he'd consider having a Tea Partier on his ticket.

The former Massachusetts governor didn't answer the question directly, but said, "I think it was last weekend I was watching C-SPAN, and I saw Vice President Dick Cheney, and he was being asked questions about a whole host of issues: following 9/11, the affairs in various countries in the world."

Romney continued, "And I listened to him speak and said whether you agree or disagree with him, this is a man of wisdom and judgment, and he could have been President of the United States. That's the kind of person I'd like to have - a person of wisdom and judgment."

Good call, Mittens. There are probably a few little brown kids running around in Nicaragua somewhere that Dick Cheney didn't have the chance to firebomb with his "wisdom and judgment." [NY Daily News]


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