The derelict city of Detroit is finally "getting serious" about razing thousands of boarded-up abandoned houses, and the worst ghetto crackhouse of all will soon be bulldozed: the childhood mansion of Mitt "Mittens" Romney. The Romneys and their servants once lived a life of Mormon Aristocracy in the five-bedroom two-story 5,500-square-foot estate in the once-grand neighborhood of Palmer Woods. (Actually, the neighborhood still looks nice beyond the Romney Slum Castle.) Why won't Mitt Romney pay for the destruction of his awful haunted mansion instead of making Big Government take your tax dollars to knock down this horror-haus?

The Detroit News reports:

The dilapidated home at 1860 Balmoral in Palmer Woods is slated for an emergency demolition, city officials said. Wayne County seized the house from its current owners in court in 2009, declaring it a nuisance and a demolition permit was issued at the end of March.

The Romneys lived in the home from 1941 to 1953, according to Eric Fehrnstrom, a spokesman for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

Once the city blows through god knows how much federal stimulus money to knock down Mittens' manse along with another 3,000 derelict homes, Detroit will still have 90,000 vacant eyesores that still need to be knocked down -- because the broke-ass city can't afford to maintain basic services for all these ghostly shacks in mostly abandoned neighborhoods.

The question, however, is this: "How can Mitt Romney be a total asshole even about this specific situation which isn't even really his fault, as his family hasn't had anything to do with the house for sixty years?"

Easy! Mittens is always a deeply unlikeable asshole:

The younger Mr. Romney, who is considered a leading GOP presidential candidate for 2012, said "it's sad" that his childhood home is being razed, "but sadder still to consider what has happened to the city of Detroit, which has been left hollow by fleeing jobs and liberal social policies."

Mittens in 2012! [Detroit News/Wall Street Journal]


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