Mitt Romney's Top Aides Will Save Earth From SPECTRE & Klingons

Agent Double-O Stupid in License To Ill - WonketteWith $300 million dollars, you'd think Mitt Romney could hire good help -- but he only hires people he meets at Star Trek conventions.

The "Battlefield Earth" fanatic and dog torturer has a top aide named Will Ritter who already made news by being part of that bizarre fake-police group that protects Mitt from the Body Thetans from the spaceship honeycombs. And now Will Ritter's in the news again, and again it's because he's crazy.

On Ritter's MySpace and Facebook pages, he describes his job as "very secretive, US special ops" involving the "underbelly of politics." This nonsense is accompanied by LNS-style photos of him in a hot tub drinking champagne with a bunch of other douchesacks.

Ritter's boss, pretend policeman and total psychopath and top Romney aide Jay Garrity, quit last week after constant news reports that he was an unhinged lunatic who ran around pretending to be a policeman.

Romney's 'Special Ops' staffer: Aide details 'very secretive' work on MySpace page [Boston Herald]

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