Mittens Just an Excited "Guy From Detroit"

Mitt Romney (who was governor of Massachusetts, which is right next door to New Hampshire) always knew that the New Hampshire primary would be an uphill battle. See, New Hampshire (which also shares a media market with Massachusetts, where Mitt served as governor) is John McCain's turf because he totally won it in 2000 and Mitt (who was governor of Massachusetts after McCain's victory of almost a decade ago) is a virtual unknown up there. That's why he might not win, you see, because he's a virtual unknown in New Hampshire (which borders the state he so unobtrusively governed for 4 years) compared to the other candidates and not because people don't like him up there. But it's so exciting just to be considered, for this "guy from Detroit," since, you know, his dad was governor there before Mitt lived in Salt Lake City and ran the Olympics and then lived and governed in Massachusetts.


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