Mittens Will Always Keep Us Warm

  • Barry Hussein will have a good week this week -- his horoscope says so. [Wizbang Politics]
  • Hey, remember the Iraq war? Remember those benchmarks? Well, you're pretty much the only one. [AMERICAblog]
  • Lou Dobbs won't just hire anybody. [Fresh Intelligence]
  • Reagan lovers will soon realize that McCain is the batshit old man they've been waiting for all this time. [Redstate]
  • Less thinking and maybe more winning? Just a suggestion. [Firedoglake]
  • Ron Paul wants you to know that John McCain sometimes hangs out with Democrats. Ron Paul defends the Constitution by hanging out with no one at all. [The Swamp]
  • The GOP's biggest loser was also its best shot at winning, apparently. [The RBC]

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