It's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which has always meant one thing: old white guys babbling abstractly about equality at black churches. Today's slumming sons of privilege include Senator Chris "Mr. Yuck" Dodd and former Senator Lonesome John Edwards.

Dodd made his traitor-come-lately anti-war talk at Springfield Baptist Church. Edwards, more of a natural at shameless symbolism appropriation, was a bit flashier:

Edwards addressed about 1,200 parishioners Sunday at Riverside Church, a multiracial, politically active Manhattan congregation where King delivered his famous "Beyond Vietnam" speech on April 4, 1967. King was assassinated exactly one year later.

We'll avoid the more morbid joke and just point out that when King gave his speech, he wasn't angling to increase his name-recognition in Iowa, and he didn't obliquely trash Hubert Humphrey.

Keep the dream alive! Surely there's a second-cousin of King's Joe Biden can book for a quick evening press conference, right?

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