Mmmm. . . Forbidden Cookies. . .

We think the folks at the NYT are getting a little punchy:

Mr. McAuliffe said he was not sure he would appear, because, he said, Joe Lockhart, Mr. Kerry's spokesman, was hogging all the airtime. Mr. Gillespie replied that Mr. Lockhart had been doing the same thing with the Anheuser-Busch cookies.

Both men laughed and later asked a reporter not to report the exchange because, they said, it was mean.

Informed of the incident, Mr. Lockhart said, "I refuse to go negative."

He noted that he gave Mr. Gillespie a can of beer after the presidential debate on Thursday in Florida.

First: "Because it was mean"? We'll keep that in mind when we watch the next Swift Boat Vets ad. Second: It's true, giving someone a beer preemptively makes up for any amount of cookies you might eat.

Joe Lockhart: The Homer Simpson of campaign advisors.

Rivals Dig In, Draw Blood, Cede Nothing [NYT]


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