Mob Leaders Discussed Whacking 9/11

i dare you to nuke me, syriaTestimony at an ex-FBI agent's trial in Brooklyn yesterday revealed that in 1986, the heads of the New York's five Mafia families debated whacking Rudy Giuliani, then a federal prosecutor. Instead they killed Sonny Corleone, which sucks in retrospect -- we could've had motherfucking Jimmy Caan running for president, too.

The revelatory memo from the disgraced agent on trial, Lindley DeVecchio, dated 1987, was read aloud in Brooklyn's State Supreme Court yesterday. It noted how [sigh] stupid "liberals" and their "bureaucracy" ruined the mob's Giuliani-killing bent:

The bosses of the Lucchese, Bonanno and Genovese families rejected the idea, despite strong efforts to convince them otherwise by Gotti and Persico.

It's not the first report of the mob considering killing Giuliani in the '80s, since Giuliani was pretty active in destroying them at the time. Nevertheless, mull this over: The mob tried to kill 9/11 fifteen years before 9/11.

Court told mob bosses voted on whacking Giuliani in '86 [NY Daily News]


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