Moments Hotels Missed The Mark Completely! Tabs, May 2, 2022

Well look at the New York Times, finally (FINALLY) calling a racist a balls out racist! Nick Confessore three parter on Tucker Carlson, Racist As Fuck. (Free link)

I am told this was very very good, sorry we apparently forgot to put up a livestream for you! *Shakes fist at sky* ROBYNNNN!!!!

Joe Biden had some good lines (and some fumphers), aw Old Handsome Joe :) "The president hasn't attended the White House Correspondents Dinner in six years. That's understandable. We had a horrible plague followed by two years of COVID."

And as always, re-treat yourself to Barack Obama just murdering Donald Trump after literally killing Osama Bin Laden. Which was absolutely terrific until we realized it was the villain origin story of Trump deciding to run for president and murder us all :(


Using the power of the government to punish "woke" companies, for freedom. (Media Matters)

Congressional Democrats and Joe Biden inching up in the polls. — Washington Post free link

Meet Summer Lee, the (holy wow beautiful!) Black organizer who's the frontrunner for a US House seat in Pennsylvania. (19th News)

The people who were kids during the LA riots:

He remembers being left alone for hours. His mother and her boyfriend had gone out to join the people who took to the streets that day, and she wouldn’t come home for several days — she was arrested, and Quinnie and his brother were left to fend for themselves. Ralph’s, a regional grocery store chain, was delivering food vouchers to people’s doorsteps for free sausages and bread as part of a promotion for its new stores in the area. The brothers would use them to get food for the coming days.

Buzzfeed News

Two Wisconsin DAs, and it sounds like they might have been baddies! As always with podcasts, let me know how it was! (WPR)

Victorian taxidermied hats, obviously. — Forgotten Files

The single blue-eyed ancestor of all blue-eyed people, 6000 to 10,000 years ago. (Old Science Daily post)

Ohhhh grilled strawberry salsa fresca! — Better Homes & Gardens

Hotel badness! I like the tiny toilet in No. 5. (Nature World Today)

And one last one for Martini:

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