With Time, Little Leaguers Will Understand Gunshots Just Sound Of Freedom

Only cars got bullet holes in them this time, so hooray America!

Dozens of gunshots interrupted a Dixie Youth League baseball game in North Charleston, South Carolina, Monday evening, with little kids and parents running for cover or throwing themselves to the ground as the sound of nearby gunfire rang out. The video, thank Crom, is not graphic because despite all the gunfire, no one was wounded. It's still terrifying to see, with confused kids running for cover, kids and adults crawling on the grass to stay low, and people calling for their children:

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Don't Know What You Got Till It's Gone!

Like Wonkette. If we were gone, you would have a VERY BAD SAD.

A week ago, Bitch magazine announced it was hanging up its fishnets and combat boots after 25 goddamn years of beautiful, inclusive, intersectional feminism, culture, and theory. Autostraddle, itself beloved, had this to say:

"But, that’s the thing, indie media is always hanging on by a thread. I wish that more people would believe it when we (us, Bitch, whoever else) say over and over that without reader support, we will go away. I almost always have their magazine on my counter, an article open in one of my tabs, the words of their writers in my head. This is an incredible loss, and I think, it might be a loss that we didn’t have to see.”

When I noted that paragraph in tabs, you took note, and a lot more of you sent us money than on a typical day. But a lot fewer of you are sending us money than on any typical day a couple of years ago. You're bummed about inflation maybe! You are having economic Unmarvelous Mrs. Malaise!

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Oklahoma Completely Bans Abortion Again, Might Get Away With It This Time

Now with 10 years in the slammer for doctors.

The Oklahoma legislature has passed yet another bill almost completely banning abortion, in hopes this will be the year the Supreme Court finally overturns Roe v. Wade, allowing states to seize control of the means of reproduction. (Why do you think it's called a Red state?)

As the New York Times explains (free linky!),

The measure, Senate Bill 612, would make performing an abortion “except to save the life of a pregnant woman in a medical emergency” a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $100,000.

The Oklahoma House voted 70 to 14 to send the bill, which passed the Senate last year, to Gov. Kevin Stitt, a Republican whose office responded by noting that Mr. Stitt vowed in September to sign “every piece of pro-life legislation” that came to his desk.

If Stitt signs the bill — and that sure sounds like he intends to sign every abortion ban, no matter how insane — it'll go into effect on August 26, by which time the Supremes will have decided the Mississippi case that may completely overturn Roe, or may simply gut it and encourage even more extreme bills, like the one from Oklahoma. Once that happens, Oklahoma will no longer provide any refuge to women leaving Texas to escape that state's own terrible six-week "bounty hunter" ban on abortion that passed last fall.

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Economy Gained 431,000 Jobs In March, You'd Think Maybe Biden Could Get Some F*cking Credit

But the shelves are ... oh, full. Something has to be terrible about this!

The monthly jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is out for March 2022, and it shows the economy gained 431,000 jobs. The unemployment rate declined again, to 3.6 percent, down from 3.8 percent for February. In addition, the February jobs report, which had been pretty damned impressive already, was revised upward, from the initial report of 678,000 new jobs to a nice round 750,000.

As we've been saying pretty much every time the jobs report comes out, the initial numbers will almost always be revised (sometimes up, sometimes down) because of the way the BLS collects the data. It's not a glitch; it's just how the stats come in from employers. So it's entirely likely that March's numbers will also see a revision, come the next monthly report on the first Friday of May.

Read More: Bureau Of Labor Statistics Had One Job. Is That Job One Or 19 Jobs?

We want you to keep that in mind, because already this morning we're seeing reporting like this bullshit at CNBC, suggesting that nearly half a million new jobs is somehow terrible news for Joe Biden, because the initial number is just a bit shy of the Dow Jones forecast of 490,000 new jobs, and a lot less than the revised February report.

You know, the one that was revised upward, as has happened with jobs reports for several months now. But this one, wow, it's so disappointing, and it arrives "Amid soaring inflation and worries about a looming recession," to boot. Fuck lazy financial journalists when they pull that shit, because if a dopey liberal arts major like me knows that any given month's jobs report is at best a first draft, there's no excuse for alleged financial reporters to act like it's a clear portent of doom.

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