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Babies need ... well you know what babies need.

Every once in a while, I get so sick of asking you for money, that I don't.

That's what happened last month, when I just fuckin couldn't do it again. Well, it's my JOB, and I am NOT A SHIRKER, except sometimes when I AM.

Look at me, not shirking this month.

Give us money!

As you may have heard, media is doing layoffs again — Vox, Washington Post — and more are going out of business completely. And if I were physically capable of doing layoffs, your Wonkette would be too, but you love too much SER and Robyn and Dok and Evan and (part-time) Liz and the weekly freelance gang. So the only person I can lay off is me.

Last year, for the first time since I bought Wonkette 11 years ago (next month!), our annual revenues went down — and by just about my entire salary. I've cut some easy stuff from our expenses but I'm not doing pay- or benefit-cuts for any of the staff but me. We are now out of "sold my house" money. And "Mom sold her house and gave each of her kids $10,000" money. And "sued my old landlord" money. Man, the universe really has been "soft landing," hasn't it! Thanks universe! You're mostly real cool!

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The Stupid, It Burns ... Books!

No, the Right has not stopped its war on communism we mean libraries.

The far Right's war on students' right to read a goddamn book if they want to read a goddamn book — as well as grownups reading grownup books, as if that's somehow allowed either — continues across the country, with ever-more surreal battles being pursued in the name of protecting kids from things kids want to read. Put on your helmet and body armor, because the anti-book crazies are still going ballistic.

LAST WEEK! North Dakota GOP To Jail Librarians For Disgusting Sex Books, Including Images Of 'Gender Identity'

Kentucky: Librarian Wins Small Claims Case Over LGBTQ Book

In a fairly open-and-shut (you know, like a book!) case in Jefferson County District Court last week in Louisville, Kentucky, a small claims court judge tossed a case brought by a local bigot who had sued a high school librarian over her decision to include books on LGBTQ+ topics in the library. The man, Kurt Wallace, had sought "damages" of $2,300 because Waggener High School librarian Kristen Heckel had kept the award-winning memoir/essay collectionAll Boys Aren't Blue by George M. Johnson in the library despite Wallace's attempts to make it and other LGBTQ books go away.

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Civil Rights Lawyer Ben Crump Might Take Ron DeSantis To AP 'Sue Your Ass' Class Over Black History Course

Lawsuits: As American as apple pie!

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is getting significant pushback for his administration's rejection last week of an Advanced Placement course in African American studies. Yesterday, African American state lawmakers, educators, and others rallied in the Florida Capitol in Tallahassee to call for the AP course to be offered in Florida high schools. Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump said at the rally that if DeSantis refuses to make the class available, Crump will sue the state on the behalf of three high school honors students from Leon County who want to take the course.

“If the governor allows the College Board to present AP African American studies in classrooms across the state of Florida, then we will feel no need to file this historic lawsuit,” Crump told reporters at the Capitol. “However, if he rejects the free flow of ideas and suppresses African American studies, then we’re prepared to take this controversy all the way to the United States Supreme Court.”

It's just the latest effort to fight back against DeSantis's ongoing agenda of using culture war issues to build rightwing support nationwide as he plans a likely 2024 presidential run. DeSantis has claimed that the AP course, currently being taught as a pilot before being rolled out nationwide, is tainted by unnecessary political elements like queer theory, because no Black people have ever been LGBTQ as long as you exclude Audre Lorde, James Baldwin, Bayard Rustin, and others who were not Martin Luther King, the only Black leader DeSantis pretends to admire.

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Beware, Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer Coming To Preschool Your Four-Year-Olds!

What sort of monster helps parents and kids?

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer gives her first post-pandemic State of the State speech live tonight (at 7 p.m. Eastern), and is expected to announce a plan to get all the state's four-year-olds into pre-kindergarten if parents want it, and why wouldn't they? (Because it'll teach about socialist ideas like "sharing" and "thinking about others' feelings," that's why.)

The plan will build on the state's existing Great Start Readiness Program, which is itself kind of modeled on the federal Head Start program but is available to more kids, because Head Start is limited to families with incomes at or below the federal poverty line, while Great Start is for kids whose parents make up to 250 percent of the poverty line. Once it's fully implemented over the next four years, Whitmer's plan for pre-K would make it available to all 110,000 4-year-olds in the state and would save families roughly $10,000 a year in childcare expenses, according to Whitmer's office.

In a statement to the AP, Whitmer said, "Every parent knows an early start is critical to their child’s future," which just goes to show how mad with power she's gone, acting like she knows what parents want. Well what about parents who want their children to not succeed, Mz Fancy Education Governor?

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