Post-Racial America

RNC Speaker Abby Johnson Knows If Cops Profile Own Black Son, He'll Have It Coming

She agrees 100 percent with your police work there, Lou.

One of the Republican National Convention's featured speakers last night, Abby Johnson, is mostly known for her career as the former Planned Parenthood director who says she suddenly became an anti-choice activist when her evil bosses told her to "sell" more 'bortions and she saw, via ultrasound, a 13-week fetus recoil from getting aborted. She had a crappy movie made about her and everything! She told the story again at the RNC, because that's her job now, even though journalists have pointed out it doesn't really add up. Johnson pushed her story and a load of other lies about abortion, like the bullshit story that Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood to commit genocide against Black people. Which must be why Martin Luther King accepted an award from the organization, and considered family planning a means for Black families' economic success.

But Johnson also has thoughts about Black Lives and how much they Matter, because she has an adopted biracial baby. Vice News dug up a now-deleted YouTube video Johnson posted in late June, during the protests against police brutality, in which she explained that someday, when her "adorable, perpetually tan-looking little brown boy," now just five years old, becomes a big intimidating-looking brown man, it's really understandable that cops may racially profile him, because that's just smart policing.

Yes, really. Don't get all emotional about it, you liberals, she and her extravagant eyebrows explain, it's simply a matter of statistics.

Abby Johnson

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