Monday Morning Coming Down

  • Gustav made landfall this morning as a Category 3 hurricane and will probably not weaken for another 12 hours. [Times-Picayune]
  • John McCain is visiting the Gulf Coast today, trying not to knock over the applesauce as Gustav comes ashore. [New York Times]
  • Three years later, it's still all about Hurricane Katrina. [Washington Post]
  • "The campaign does not want to seen as politicking or celebrating as Americans are suffering. At the same time, a show of compassion could be politically useful..." [Wall Street Journal]
  • Evacuation plans in Mississippi seemed to go smoothly. [Sun Herald]
  • Nearly 2 million people evacuated South Louisiana in advance of the storm -- about 95% of the people living there. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Shephard Smith, Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric ... all of them have fled the Republican National Convention for the Gulf Coast. [TV WeekM]

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