Money Isn't Everything

* Democrats cool their jets on overhauling voting system as they're realizing staying in power is a whole lot easier in a system that's totally fucked. [NYT]

* TSA is starting to understand that the way they do things is totally fucking retarded. [NYT]

* Hillary Clinton helps our enemies, which is a shocking new political argument that has never before been used in all of human history. [NYT]

* Congress can't pursue contempt charges against Bush and pals because Bush and pals say they can't and that, friends, is democracy in action. [WP]

* Doing nothing to change the course of the war is better than doing something that the Republicans thought of and we're not sure just how sarcastic we're being. [WP]

* The Summer of Cum is blessed with seemingly everlasting life as some group or other demands an Congressional inquiry into Senator Vitter's involvement with a prostitution ring.[The Hill]

* We just thought of this: Thompson and Romney would make the kind of power ticket that legends are made of. [LAT]

* John McCain plans to live off the fat of the land, sort of like our girlfriend's brother who's 26 and won't move the fuck out. [Politico]

* Live in hope and die in despair. [WT]


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