Monica Conyers Issues Beatdown

mews.jpgThe wife of Democratic Representative John Conyers is reported to have been involved in a bar fight.

According to reports, Monica Conyers, herself a citycouncilwoman elect in Detroit Michigan, punched a woman in the eye after the woman began shouting invective at her.

There's some debate as to what exactly happened:

The spokesman said Rebecca Mews became upset Tuesday during a birthday celebration for an attorney, who Mews says was her date. While Conyers was speaking with the man, Mews "came over and literally started spewing obscene names," and shoved Conyers, said Conyers' chief of staff, Sam Riddle.

"This woman was obviously drunk, and the councilwoman vigorously defended herself," he said.

Mews...denied she was intoxicated. Mews said that when Conyers began speaking to her date with her back to her, she tapped her on the shoulder and said, "Pardon me."

"She turned around and began yelling at me," Mews said. "When I began yelling back at her, she punches me in my left eye several times," Mews said. "I never struck her. Never once did I hit her."

And that's the opening scene from "Christmas in Detroit: The Musical."

Wife of Congressman Involved in Bar Fight [AP]


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