apemania.jpgToday, U.S. District Judge John E. Jones ruled against the Dover Area School Board's decision to insert intelligent design into their schools' science curriculum. A great ruling for anyone who prefers their science to be based less in folklore and more in, uhm, what's the word for it...oh, yeah: science.

The lawyer who argued the case for the ID sign has, predictably called the ruling "troubling." And, of course, he's crazy wrong. You know what troubling is? Troubling is when your HMO sticks you with a physician who thinks he can cure you with a prayer rug and a piece of the true cross. That's troubling. Though we admit, if we had foreseen conscience clauses that allowed pharmacists to refuse to dispense drugs on the basis of religious belief, we'd have converted to Christian Scientist back in college and would be sitting on our ass at the CVS this very minute.

All of this makes an article from today's Scotsman incredibly relevant, especially if you want to ruminate on the Lysenkoist voodoo crapola from which Dover just spared itself. It's a tale about super-warriors in the service of Stalin, a healthy dose of monkey jizz, and the "expensive failure" of what is rightly called Dumbass Design.

Stalin's half-man, half-ape super-warriors [The Scotsman]


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