Monsieur Romney Also a Draft Dodger

Ever since Dick Cheney seized power seven long and horrible years ago, Republicans have no longer had to even pretend to give a shit about serving in the military. After all, if Bush could get kicked out of the Texas Air National Guard for being a no-show cocaine addict and Cheney could rack up five deferments to keep himself out of Vietnam, that whole heroic-patriotic military service thing was clearly no longer necessary for Republican candidates.

So it's no surprise that the current batch of Republican presidential candidates are all gay draft-dodgers -- except for inept fighter-pilot John McCain and maybe Ron Paul. But Mitt Romney's case is especially disgusting to real conservatives: The flip-flopping abortion-loving Taxachusetts polygamist didn't just get a deferment to avoid going to Vietnam with the real American men -- he got a deferment because he was living in France at the time, hassling the French to join his American space-monster cult.

Mitt Romney's Vietnam Deferments [Election Geek]


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