Monster Hillary Attacks America's Entertainer, Sinbad

Does Sinbad have a catch phrase? If so, that's the alt text. Now she's getting nasty: Hillary is lashing out against America's Funnyman, "Sinbad," which is basically political suicide. Do you know how many presidents were elected after criticizing Sinbad? Zero, that's how many.

Long ago, in 1996, Hillary Clinton and her elite team of Justice League superheroes -- Chelsea, Sheryl Crow, and America's Funnyman, Sinbad -- had to fly to Bosnia to save the Troops from Sniper Fire. Hillary's campaign has used this story as proof of her Global Experience with wars and troops.

But then Sinbad spoke the Truth about how they really just flew there in an airplane, to do a fun "meet and greet" with American troops stationed there as peacekeepers at the time, and nobody was ever in any danger of any kind.

Today -- on St. Patrick's Day, of all days -- Hillary dismissed Sinbad's version of the story.

"He's a comedian, you know," she said.

What does that even mean? Are comedians somehow less trustworthy than, say, white people?

Clinton on Sinbad: 'He's a comedian, you know' [Politico/Ben Smith]


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