Montana Nazis Gonna Have To Hold Bake Sale To Raise Extra $60 For March Permit :(

Awwwwww cute!

Maybe the Stormfront Nazis who were going to converge on Whitefish, Montana, for a Hate Not Love rally this week -- to punish the well-heeled little resort town for asking head Nazi in charge Richard Spencer to stop dragging their little town into the Nazi limelight -- really are just economically insecure!

That would explain why they got their march denied for a) being disastrously incomplete in the application for a permit, and b) coming up $60 short for the $125 fee.

Tell us about it, hometown paper!

On Jan. 9, the city received a cover page of the required application for a march on Second Street from Memorial Park to City Hall on Jan. 16 from 4-7 p.m. A $65 money order was attached to the application, well short of the city’s required $125 fee for parades. Also, the application did not include a certificate of insurance, a map of the planned route or a checklist of other items required before the city reviews an application.

Lest we be accused of being insensitive to the economic woes of the white working class: Maybe they should have sold some of their extra food stamps on the black market? Also: HAHA.

Whitefish is a gorgeous little chichi town -- it's very Jackson Hole, Wyoming -- with understated wood buildings covered in twinkling white lights; actual sushi restaurants; and lots of rich people, including Joooooz. It's a little more than an hour north of your editrix's homestead on Flathead Lake. We don't go there, except in dead of winter to be literally the only people in the state park.

[Daily Stormer publisher Andrew] Anglin wrote online on Jan. 11, “I have spoken at length with my lawyers – though the ACLU has yet to respond to my inquiry – and we’ve decided that due to the permit refusal by the city of Whitefish, we will need to postpone the planned march.”

Anglin plans to postpone the march until sometime in February. In the meantime, your Wonkette promises to go to that one and hold up signs commiserating on the sad states of their penises.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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