Moon Emperor Gingrich: Obama Living In 'Cloud Cuckoo Land'

Moon Emperor Gingrich: Obama Living In 'Cloud Cuckoo Land'

Noted futurist and intergalactic dark lord Newton Gingrich roused his idiot supporters recently with a wildly hilarious riff on President Obama's touting of algae as a possible energy resource.

What fun things has Ol' Newty got for us today?

"Do you all remember in the movie, 'The Graduate,' the moment where Dustin Hoffman is just graduating and he goes to a party welcoming him home and this older gentleman comes over to him and says, 'I have a word that will change your life,' and the word was 'plastics?' And Hoffman spends the rest of the movie, going, 'I don't quite get this?'

Yes, your editrix remembers that part quite well, your mangling of one of the easiest-to-remember movie lines in filmdom, and also understands your intimation that somehow "plastics" was a silly thing that did not in any way make any of your GOP brethren unbelievable fuckloads of cash. But go on?

Har-har-ed Gingrich, as he continued:

"Maybe we should, as an experiment, get some algae and go to a gas station, and you know, sort of the 'Barack Solution.' Would you like some algae instead of gasoline? This is the kind of stuff that's Cloud Cuckoo Land," said Gingrich.

"Cloud Cuckoo Land" was the utopian land described by Aristophanes in The Birds. You know who else liked to describe his opponents ideas as "Cloud Cuckoo Land"?

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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