Moon: Make Love Organs, Not War

the two pupkinsJohn Gorenfeld (the genius behind the close-to-the-bone comedy of R. Robot's Weblog) pronounces Sun Myung Moon the "Rupert Pupkin of politics," as Moon also "has a little fantasy he wants to achieve by associating himself with the famous and powerful." It's a perfect analogy except for one thing: Moon's guests are not cardboard cutouts of celebrities, they're live Congressmen. (Is this better or worse than the cardboard route? Discuss.) Gorenfeld runs down the guest-list for last night's Moon-shine ceremony honoring "ambassadors for peace."

You won't find this on your Congressman's website  [John Gorenfeld's Weblog]

Honor for the peacemakers [WT]

Andrew Sullivan on the Moon [Wonkette]


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