Moonie Times Cracks Down After Whole 'Obama Daughters Murdered' Thing

Moonie Times Cracks Down After Whole 'Obama Daughters Murdered' Thing

Ha ha remember this littleflapperoo last week? The Washington Times' secret Korean Jesus Picture Robot auto-selected a terrible wire photo for the newspaper's story about young children dying, in Chicago. Call it a "WTF Moment," in the parlance of our times. And perhaps because of this, and other flaps (constant lies, or at least a reputation for!), mean editor John Solomon will now be instituting PERMANENT RECORDS and DETENTION forever.

From: John Solomon To: twtnews Sent: Mon, 18 May 2009 10:31:00 -0400 Subject: Accuracy and Fairness


Accuracy, precision, fairness and balance are our essential coins of credibility in the marketplace. As we expand our product line and our workload, we cannot allow these pillars of journalism to be compromised by shortcuts, sloppiness or deadlines. To ensure we all live up to the promise, I am instituting the following reforms effective immediately:

1) Any reporter or editor who makes an error in a story that requires a published correction must submit a letter to the Executive Editor and Managing Editor explaining the mistake and what corrective actions were taken. These letters will be placed in your permanent personnel file.

2) Any reporters or editors who submit stories or content without fair comment or adequate balance will have their stories bounced from the lineup until they are corrected.

3) All reporters who have had stories with published corrections in the last year and any editors who inserted errors into copy will be required to take a mandatory class on accuracy and precision to be held the first week of June and led by Carleton Bryant.


Well that's... a good policy and stuff! But still, "Carleton Bryant," stop being such a brown-noser.


From the Office of Disciplinary Action at TWT High [Fishbowl DC]


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