Moonie 'Times' Displeases Moon, King of Peace to Call for Pruden's Head

White America's Newspaper! - WonketteTime for Times staffers to start looking for real work? Probably not, as long as the Heritage Foundation exists, but the UK magazine Prospect reports that the Moonies aren't happy with their pet white supremacists American Euro-Caucasian Heritage Aficionados at the Wash Times. They place the blame on a forthcoming Nation expose (breaking: Wes Pruden, Fran Coombs, and people associated with and related to them have said and written some racially questionable things!), but the Nation could expose anything they liked about the Times and everyone would sort of shrug and continue not reading it. This bit sounds slightly more truthy to us:

The Moonies, who have spent over $1.1bn on the loss-making Times in the 25 years they have owned it, have been fretting about the newspaper's attacks on the UN (which they like) and on North Korea, where the South Korea-based Moonies have big investments. They have now quietly set up a search committee to seek replacements. A strong contender is said to be Maggie Thatcher's former aide John O'Sullivan.

Does the Reverend actually like the UN? But bringing in a Thatcherite ought to sit well with All-AmericanNon-Blogger Tony Blankley.

News and Curiosities [Prospect]


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