Moran Mocks McAuliffe At Fundraiser

Moran Mocks McAuliffe At Fundraiser

Terry McAuliffe, the famous American statesman who helped Hillary Clinton win the presidency by bravely volunteering todo shots of rum on live television very early in the morning, deserves whatever office he decides to run for. He has offered to bestow his gubernatorial blessing on the great state of Virginia, a place he has apparently lived for many years (?!), but first he must VANQUISH several rivals in the Democratic primary.

One of these rivals made fun of Terry McAuliffe at the fancy Jefferson-Jackson dinner this weekend for being a terrible Clintonite sellout who only cares about money.

“We must decide what our party stands for,” [former House member Brian] Moran told the audience of activists in Richmond. “Will our party be dominated by big money and those who raise it, or will we be the party of the people?”

This was a pretty bold thing to say, as "McAuliffe brought in several busloads of supporters and purchased 39 tables at the dinner, ranging from $2,500 to $25,000 a table." These supporters obligingly booed Moran when he mentioned that Terry McAuliffe is a very effective fundraiser.

Brian Moran, ladies and gentlemen! Balls of steel! And Terry McAuliffe: will probably win, due to literal busloads of cash!

McAuliffe takes heat from rival at Democratic dinner [Political Ticker]


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