porter%20j%20goss.jpgWe've offered you what we hope -- for the sake of rumor-mongering, gossip, and this city's desperate need for a good sex scandal -- is the real reason for Porter Goss's departure as CIA director.

But here are three other possibilities, besides the leak-related, intelligence-related, and torture-related theories that we identified earlier:

* It's just a part of Shake-Up-A-Thon '06 -- which is what a "senior administration official" told Fox News earlier this afternoon.

* Porter Goss was frustrated over the marginalization of the CIA, with John Negroponte, the director of national intelligence, taking over much of what used to be the CIA director's role and responsibilities.

* Porter Goss used to be a Florida congressman, representing the 14th District. A reader suggests: "I bet [Goss is leaving] to run for the US Senate against Katherine Harris in the GOP primary and Bill Nelson in the general. FL filing deadline is next week and FL GOP has been looking for alternative to Harris."

Of course, the various explanations aren't mutually exclusive. Maybe Porter Goss received services from prostitutes AND will run against Katherine Harris in the GOP primary.

The "loud, controlled bang" you just heard was the sound of our heads exploding.

CIA Director Goss Stepping Down [Hotline On Call]

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