More Brian Doyle: Clear Evidence That Reagan-Hatred Is But a Symptom of Much Deeper Psychological Problems

Are we the only ones who keep inadvertently thinking Bill Murray's brother was arrested for sleazebaggery?

Well, the Brian Doyle thing feels like it may be too creepy even for our low standards. And, yes, to the many emailers, we know he's a Democrat. We are less shocked at the idea of a democrat being a kiddie porn enthusiast than we are by the fact that a democrat got a job at DHS. Especially after writing this:

His legacy may well be his opposition the Soviet Union. But, his true legacy is his near bankrupting the United States government with his domestic economic policies.
Brian Doyle
Silver Spring, Md.

(and, uh, first off: cheers to Time for not cleansing all mention of Doyle from your archives! But jeers to Time for not disclosing that one of your regular-people-react responses to Reagan's death was from a Time employee.)

Anyway, you think you're creeped out, at least you're not a good friend of his who happens to be an advice columnist.

The extra insight and personal judgment I've always thought I possessed has completely failed me.

Bit of an understatement there, Amy. But, uh, good job with the spooky daughter ending there. Nice "very special episode of Facts of Life" sorta thing.

How could I have so misjudged him? [ChiTrib]

What is Ronald Reagan's Legacy? [Time]


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