pwAWBushPBush_122906_2.jpgAre you sick of Bushes yet? Because today's New York Observer brings us yet another one: Miss Ashley Walker* Bush, Debutard.

Like the rest of the umpteenth generation of Bushes, she suffers a bit from over-breeding, as well as that insane insistence on mentioning Texas, how she's from Texas, how she lives in Texas, and how Southern she is in every sentence.

Oh, and guess what guys -- her escort was Pierce. You can read the NYO piece for the exciting play-by-play account of the "Texas Dip" curtsey (illegal in nine states!), we'll try to explain why you needn't be too worried about Pierce and Ashley just yet.

The only other Bush mentioned as attending the fancy dress-up ball is Sharon. As in the ex-wife of Black Sheep to beat all Black Sheep Neil Bush. Sharon, who drove poor, innocent Neil to drink, drug, defraud, and fuck trannies in Thailand and Hong Kong. Sharon, who publicly mentioned fearing retribution from the Bush family, then denied it.

Neil, who's already remarried, presumably didn't attend the coming out party. So in a sense, we're witnessing an entire rogue branch of the Bush family taking root out in Houston, far from the Kennebunkport Compound, without the media management skills -- just going on CNN to babble with Larry King willy-nilly and showing up in puff pieces on debutantes, all while pretending to be officially sanctioned and licensed Bushes. It could be entertaining, at least until Sharon is disappeared and Pierce is sent to a forced reeducation camp Yale.

Yes, that are all named Walker. This is a Bush family joke about how they're secretly direct descendants of William Walker, self-proclaimed Emperor of Nicaragua, not some dry-goods manufacturer or something.

Ms. Hedberg Presents [NYO]

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