More DC TV: There Are Three Things Wrong With That Title

krakowski.jpgSince we're on the subject of fated-for-disaster entertainment-industry interpretations of our fair town, a reader sent us this blurb for an upcoming sitcom sure to be as popular and long-running as Capital Critters:

CBS has brought in Jane Krakowski to star in its comedy pilot Sex, Power, Love & Politics, focused on a group of Capitol Hill staffers, all in their mid-30s. This project is from Sony Pictures TV
From The Futon Critic:

SEX, POWER, LOVE & POLITICS (CBS, New!) - Writer/producer Greg Malins ("Will & Grace") has set up a new multi-camera comedy at the Eye and Sony Pictures Television about four underachieving staffers in their mid-30s who work on Capitol Hill. It's understood "Sex" was the subject of a bidding war between CBS, ABC and FOX with the former obviously landing the project. As for specifics, "Sex" will track the quartet, all of whom live next to each other, as they juggle their political work and personal lives, as well as socialize at the neighborhood bar.

Above, popular and attractive actress Jane Krakowski. Below, a standard photo of three randomly-selected Capitol Hill staffers.


Of course they're all on their way to the neighborhood bar to throw back a few and banter irreverently about their jobs ("More like the Honorable Mr. BUZZKILL!"); it's been a long, hard day of repeatedly revising their bosses' Wikipedia articles. Then they'll all talk about their crazy love lives -- except for the broom, who is sleeping with Representative John Kline (R-MN).


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