More Filthy Nixon Words Released After Public Citizen Lawsuit Victory


Richard Nixon used to be known as "America's Worst/Most Evil President," until he got pretty much continuous competition in the ensuing years. And to this day, some of Tricky Dick's most secret paranoid/racist/warmongering ravings have been kept from the public lest we all suddenly realize Richard Nixon was a low-level monster. But now ....

Thanks to a Public Citizen legal victory, a key piece of Watergate history – the grand jury testimony of former President Richard Nixon – will be made public for the first time today by the National Archives and Records Administration. Sealed since 1975, Nixon’s grand jury testimony before the Watergate Special Prosecution Task Force is sure to raise some eyebrows.

The weird thing about Nixon is that his administration was in many ways very liberal, and if Barack Obama tried to do anything like start the EPA (after Rick Perry remembers to delete the EPA from history), Barack Obama would somehow be more of a left-wing radical than conservatives already pretend he is. Anyway, Richard Nixon is twisting in his grave today, in pre-shame over whatever horrible things he said which will now become public. We bet he said something embarrassing like "some fags are nice." [Public Citizen]


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