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He thought he was interviewing the president - WonketteExtreme Mortman bravely brought our attention to last night's "Larry King Live," which is apparently still being broadcast on CNN. After reading and re-reading the excerpt about "weird mustard" (wasabi) and "green stuff there" (chives) and "peas" (capers), we had to go waste 15 minutes going through the entire absurd transcript, just to bring you this priceless exchange from the end of the program:

KING: You're ticking me off. In other words, you're saying it has to look good.

RAMSAY: And taste good.

KING: I'm like you, I spread cheese thin. You're going to gain weight.

RAMSAY: I'll burn it off later. You've got a little bit of cream cheese there.

KING: It would have been better toasted. That was fun. We made bagels, bagels are everywhere.

Bagels are everywhere! And Larry King made them!

Interview with Chef Gordon Ramsay [CNN Transcripts]

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